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Treefy: People´s Carbon Market is a massive, traceable and decentralized carbon market that connects people with lands and natural ecosystems around the world to become carbon neutral-negative.



Máximo Mazzocco

Máximo Mazzocco

Climate & ecological activist and entrepreneur for sustainability. Global Youth Ambassador at UNDP (United Nations Development Program). New Zero World & CJ-JT Youth Council Member. Youth Climate Justice Fund steering committee Member. He founded Eco-House Global and is the author of the bestselling book "Notes from an Environmentalist”. He is coordinator at Youth4Climate, co-organizer of RCOY LAC, and was declared Outstanding Personality of the City of Buenos Aires. An international speaker at more than five hundred events in the last five years. SDG promoter with an active presence in large media outlets.

Diego Gonzalez Caravajal

Diego Gonzalez Caravajal

Entrepreneur and economist with more than 20 years of international experience in agriculture, food, tourism and retail industries, developing supply chains, marketing and sales, finance, strategy and management. Founder and CEO (2003-2017) of Do Good Organic, a distributor and marketer of plant-based organic products in the United States, Canada and Europe, generating annual retail sales of more than US$40 million. He was recognized as an Ashoka Social Entrepreneur in 2004, an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2017, and an Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur in 2018.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in technology, climate change and ecological restoration. Motivated by deep love for nature, we came together to develop scalable solutions to face the climate & ecological crisis.

Our Formula

carbon offset

People and

carbon offset

& Web3

carbon offset

Carbon Capture
& Natural Assets


Scalable climate and ecological action

Coming Soon

NFTreefy, the first sustainable token backed by conserved & restored biodiversity, will soon be available! An innovative way of valuing nature thanks to the strength of an asset based on environmental goods & services, carbon credit certificacion and the latest technology available on blockchain.